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Upcoming events

  • Summer – more research time!
  • 2.9.2023 – Belfast: EAA (European Archaeological Association) Annual Meeting 2023 – session 618 ’Archaeologies of Religion and Symbolic Behaviour: Building Usable Digital Databases’ – ‘Constructing Connected Contests. Opportunities and challenges in building an online database of Graeco-Roman athletes and festivals’ – Adam Wizunura & Christina Williamson
  • September through December 2023 – Fellowship at the Max-Weber-Kolleg, University of Erfurt, within the Religion and Urbanity program.
    Project: Sacred co-temporalities. Sanctuaries and urban timescapes in the Graeco-Roman world

Deep-mapping the Asklepieion of Pergamon

The current project Deep-mapping the Asklepieion of Pergamon, has been presented at the events listed here (largely by invitation).

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